Guidelines for the creditors portal

The Creditors Portal is operated by Core Australia Pty Limited for all stakeholders of external administrations to correspond with the Insolvency Practitioner(s) to access and download reports, documents and other information provided by the Insolvency Practitioner(s).

To access the Creditors Portal, you will need a case code and password which will be provided in circulars to creditors from Greengate Advisory. Please note that the case code and password are unique to each external administration.
If you require physical copies of documents for relevant matters, please contact our office.


Terms and Conditions

By entering the Creditors Portal for external administrations managed by Greengate Advisory (NSW) Pty Ltd (“Greengate Advisory”), you have acknowledged and agreed to the following:

  • You confirm that you are a creditor or employee of an external administration being managed by Greengate Advisory;
  • You agree not to impart any knowledge or provide any information you obtained from the Creditors Portal to any other person without written consent of Greengate Advisory unless enforced by law or they are your professional advisor on the matter of the external administration; and
  • In the event this declaration is false and as a consequence of that falsity, you indemnify Greengate Advisory in respect of any liability or damage incurred by the company in external administration or Greengate Advisory.


CORE IPS Creditors Portal

If you are employees or creditors of external administrations managed by Greengate Advisory and wish to obtain information and documents in relation to the external administrations, please refer to the link to CORE IPS Creditors Portal.

Note: This link will require a username and password from the Liquidator’s office in order to access the Company file.

CORE IPS Creditors Portal     Click here

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