Restructuring & Turnaround

During uncertain times and during your business life cycle, experiencing financial distress is not uncommon.
Even in the best economic conditions, running a business involves a substantial degree of risk. Although insolvency is a very real possibility for many Australian enterprises, it can often be mitigated with the right advice and tools at the right time, you can still reduce risk, maximise value and recover from distressed situations.

If you don’t act fast to manage your challenges, they will quickly escalate into a crisis and you may face liquidation or personal bankruptcy. That’s why if your business is in distressed situations, it’s essential to seek expert advice as early as possible so that you can explore all options available to your business and implement a strategy quickly to restructure, turnaround and save your business.


Specialist Restructuring & Turnaround Solutions

Change is not easy. Restructuring your business is even harder and daunting. However, that may be the only way to survive challenging times. And if you know how to approach and manage that daunting process, you can still reduce risk, maximise value and recover from distressed situations. That’s why we’re here to help you.

Our restructuring solutions cover every aspect of the risks that struggling businesses face. Our restructuring experts specialise in analysing the business performance, finding the root causes and developing a restructuring strategy that ensures the survival of your business. With our solution focused approach, our experts advise you on the full spectrum of issues, quickly assess which restructuring solutions are the most suitable to your situation and guide you through every aspect of the complex restructuring process.


Voluntary Administration

Voluntary administration is designed to resolve your company’s future. It provides your company with breathing space and time for you to find a way, if possible, to save your company. After taking control of your business, a voluntary administrator is appointed to investigate and report to creditors about your business and financial affairs. After a creditors’ meeting, your company may be returned to you, placed into liquidation, or enter into a deed of company arrangement.


Deed Of Company Arrangement (DOCA)

A DOCA follows voluntary administration. It’s a binding arrangement between a company and its creditors governing how the company’s affairs will be dealt with.

The benefit of this type of arrangement is that it enables a business to continue to trade as a “going concern” and ideally turnaround its financial situation.


Small Business Restructuring Process (SBRP)

The SBRP was released by the Australian Government as a restructuring tool to benefit and support small businesses in financial distress. It allows small businesses to restructure their business debts (<$1m) with creditors to maximise their opportunity for survival.


Safe Harbour Restructures

The Safe Harbour regime provides protection for company directors from personal liability for insolvent trading if the company is genuinely attempting to restructure. It aims to encourage directors to seek advice early on how to restructure and save financially distressed but viable companies, rather than closing down prematurely to avoid personal liability. This supports a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, by providing breathing space for distressed businesses.


Why Greengate Advisory

We’ve spent decades helping countless small and medium businesses in Australia during times of difficulty and grown to be a leading restructuring firm in Australia. Our restructuring experts quickly explore and analyse the restructuring options available in distressed situations and implement a strategy that will benefit all stakeholders.

Our qualified and licensed experts are some of the most experienced and respected experts in the industry. Our experts have extensive experience undertaking a wide range of restructuring and turnaround appointments with small and medium businesses in Australia and working with directors/business owners, shareholders, creditors, employees, customers and consistently delivered the results our clients wanted and needed. Our extensive restructuring capabilities ensure you receive information and recommendation on the various options available to your business and have a strategy that ensures the survival of your business.

To take control back and arise from distressed situations, having the right advice and tool as early as possible is crucial. And depending on the quality of the advice and tool you have, the future of your business can be entirely different.

Contact our restructuring experts today for a free confidential consultation in your language – Chinese, Korean, English and other Asian languages. We have the expertise and experience to help you restructure and turnaround your business. Your decision and action in a critical moment like this will change the future of you business.


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